Satellite-enabled Variable Rate Fertilization

SIITAg empowers farmers by giving them a more detailed insight into their field's nutrient status. We have developed a service using machine learning algorithms combined with satellite imagery to produce a variable nutrient map. Knowing where in the field plants lack in which nutrients, farmers can make profound and sound decisions on what and how much to fertilize. 

A precise nutrient quantification, scaled on field-level, enable farmers to take the right decisions when applying fertilizer in variable rates.

We provide it as an API. It's simple, quick and scalable!



for Farmers

  • Calculate the optimal amount of fertilizer for healthy soil and plants "as much as necessary, as little as possible"

  • Easy to use and to adapt in daily works

  • Time and cost saving

  • Whole field results with only three sample pictures

  • No additional investments required



for consultants

  • Coverage of all open fields

  • Ability to easily manage information from a large number of farmers

  • AI analysis and calibration with satellite image within a few minutes

  • Detailed information with accuracy degree

  • Compatibility with other software-based analysis


for businesses

  • Digital product performance enhanced via SIITAg data

  • New & radically innovative product to gain first mover advantage

  • Proven use-cases facilitate adoption

  • Easy to integrate into own systems

  • Generate analysis specific to fertilization decision making