Automatic Field Boundary Detection

For the best analysis, any farming software needs to know the exact geometries of a field. Our automatic Field Boundary Detection service takes the headache out of generating field boundaries. Get accurate field boundaries in seconds.

Field management zone Classification

Precision farming requires to know the variable condition within a field. Our API detects variable performance of crop plants from earth observation data in order to select individual treatment zones. Get this API as a feature in your field management service.

Machine Data Link Service

Let your machines know what to do. The ISOBUS Machine Data Link API converts the satellite imagery based field application maps into the machine-readable ISOBUS format. Embedding this API into a mobile app enables farmers to transfer applications directly into their machines.




CropsAI: AI powered Disease Detection

The first step to help your plant is to know what it is infected with. CropsAI checks an infected plant leaf photo for diseases and provides treatment and management advice. Embedded as an API in web or mobile applications, users can upload photos and receive the analysis result in seconds.

SIITAg: the next step in precision fertilization

A novel approach to measure actual crop nutrient uptake using smartphone imagery, satellite data and deep neural networks. Developed under a European Space Agency framework, SIITAg makes precision fertilization accessible.

GFaaS: algorithms for agriculture

Developed under a European Space Agency framework, GFaaS is the link between satellite data providers, algorithm developers and businesses. The GFaaS framework is a carefully-designed, three-sided market that optimizes interactions to benefit each party.