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Spacenus pitched at the #sentinel2go event!

Nicholas Cointepas

Spacenus pitched at the #sentinel2go event at ESOC, Darmstadt. The event was a great achievement for European Space Agency (ESA) and other Earth Observation (EO) communities, as ESA is developing a satellite family named Sentinels, especially for the operational need of the Copernicus program.

Therefore, it was a great honour for the Spacenus family to be invited in this event. Mr. Riazuddin Kawsar, Co-founder and CEO, Spacenus GmbH, was interviewed live on that event and he introduced Spacenus as well as the main goal of our company.


Interview Riazuddin Kawsar.jpg

Mr. Lionel Born, another Co-founder and CSO of Spacenus GmbH was also interviewed by the press media and spread words on future prospects of Spacenus.

Farming is a time-critical process and Spacenus is developing tools to make the farming more efficient. Our boundary detection service can detect the agricultural field boundaries, size and shape, which is changes frequently. These geometric data are the basis for the future self-driving tractor operations which is a great vision of Spacenus. Additionally, our machine data link service translates and transfers the agricultural application recommendation services from the satellite to the tractors. With these services in combination with the precise satellite navigation system, the future tractors will seed, fertilize and harvest autonomously.

On that event, Spacenus first unveiled its first flyer to the community and everyone was very interested about Spacenus’ activity and future commitment. Spacenus also indicated about the new invention on automated crop disease detection application. The application is a native mobile app which can detect diseases and recommend possible solutions.


After a long night Spacenus was excited and it was great to have the Sentinel-2B satellite safely in its orbit with her sister satellite Sentinel-2A.