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Satellite-enabled Agriculture

Spacenus created an Image Film based on our vision


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Spacenus created an Image Film based on our vision

Magdalena Antunovic

The surface of our planet (Photo source: NASA)

The surface of our planet (Photo source: NASA)

Agriculture is undergoing a period of radical change. In the coming decades, population growth will increase rapidly. However, our available agricultural land will not double. This is where Spacenus comes in: We are working on various projects to enhance the growth of our resources more efficiently. To do this, we are developing tools based on artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to exploit agricultural potential.

Our video shows the complete process chain, starting by cultivation of food to the finished “product” in the supermarket, from the point of view of different competence groups: farmers, consultants, agriculture industry and consumers.

Farmers experience a lot of pressure from politics and the market. Even if most farmers are born into this task and are given the knowledge of earlier generations, it is a constant challenge. Spacenus want to change this and offers tools to support farmers in their daily work. They need real-time information of their plants to provide substantial crops and healthy soil. Therefore Spacenus calculates exact fertilizer maps that take into account the conditions of the whole field and the political framework agreements. This means that farmers can only spend what facilitates growth and quality of their plants.

Agricultural consultants play an important role for farmers. They advise and support them in their decisions. For this, they need a precise overview of the current nutrient status of farmers’ plants, while also managing further recent regulations for farming. Our tool can be used by agricultural consultants as a kind of assistance, as it provides up-to-date information on the nutrient status of the different management zones of each agricultural field. Further, agricultural consultants get a precise overview of the application dose rates throughout the years

The agricultural industry is a global market and additionally each agricultural region is different with unique soil conditions. In order to achieve success, larger corporations in particular must adapt their product strategies. Therefore Spacenus provides various tools which are globally available. This enables an exact composition of fertilizer to guarantee an efficient supply on every agricultural field.

Getting to the end of the process chain: consumers. Due to the different offers and labels, it is difficult to understand where our nutrition comes from and above all what it contains, which also impedes decisions. In return, consumers expect more transparency. Spacenus offers insights into the production and cultivation of food with its tools. So that consumers gain a better idea and therefore develop understanding.

For Spacenus it is of great importance to contribute to the preservation of our nourishment. Therefore we try to use the remaining resources effectively with our digital solutions, so that also future generations are supplied with food.