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Satellite-enabled Agriculture

Spacenus went together with our customer Solorrow to the big agricultural fair “DLG-Feldtage” in Bernburg-Strenzfeld!


Spacenus News

Spacenus went together with our customer Solorrow to the big agricultural fair “DLG-Feldtage” in Bernburg-Strenzfeld!

Magdalena Antunovic

Solorrow booth at “DLG-Feldtage” (Photo source: Spacenus GmbH)

Solorrow booth at “DLG-Feldtage” (Photo source: Spacenus GmbH)

The DLG Field Days is a plant production trade fair of the German Agricultural Society, which occur every two years. It takes turns with Agritechnica and took place in Bernburg-Strenzfeld this year. Solorrow was part of this event along with 400 other exhibitors of the agricultural sector like Yara and BASF. Besides the fair, there were numerous of lectures and screenings such as machine demonstrations and performances of different cultivation methods. More information about DLG-Field Days, you can find here.

Spacenus supported and represented our customer Solorrow. Solorrow is a Smart-Farming app that allows you to get started in precision farming. The app uses satellite images to analyze agricultural fields and evaluates the vital biomass over the last five years considering crop circles. This creates a field map that identifies and displays different field management zones. The aim is to promote sub-area-specific soil cultivation.

Solorrow had many different visitors from farmers to agricultural stakeholders. One special thing about the app is the simplicity and that it does not require any further investments or ISOBUS. Solorrow created the so-called driving mode. This function allows farmers to apply the optimal output according to the current location during field work. Check out for more information or download the app. It’s available for Android and iOS.

For Spacenus it was a successful fair. Through our customer Solorrow we had the opportunity to talk with different companies and broadened our knowledge about the world of Smart Farming.