Field Boundary as a Service

Lower the hurdle for your users in any digital farming app!

Geometric data about fields are the basis for field-level digital farming products. Our Field Boundary as a service is a management tool for farmers that allows to edit and store their field boundaries and further attribute data - all in one platform. Farmers can upload the required information or let our system detect pre-processed geo-boundaries with just a click on a map. Once the field boundaries are added into our system, farmers can share them among every digital farming app.

This service prevents unnecessary duplication of work for farmers.

We provide it as an API. Agricultural enterprises can implement it in their digital farming app - it is compatible.


For Agricultural enterprises

  • Make your service process effortless for your customer

  • Support your customers’ work with latest updates of their field changes

  • Autonomous integration in your digital farming app - possible with implementation of API

  • API is compatible to your service

For Farmers

  • Fast and easy access - only a user account is required

  • Upload your field boundaries or let our service detect them

  • Edit and store your field boundaries including attribute data in only one platform

  • Distribute your field boundaries across all digital farming apps in use

  • No duplication of work needed

  • Our service is free for farmers

Visit our Field Boundary website for more information.