Work with inspiration

We hire individuals who build a best working team!

Who are you?

  • Are you aware about the recent Ag-Tech trend?
  • Are you a data scientist with sound statistical and data visualization knowledge?
  • Are you an agronomist specialized in plant physiology or crop specific weather-soil-yield modeling expert?
  • Are you a business professional specialized in Ag-tech innovation and promotion?
  • Are you experienced in managing software development teams and technologies?
  • Are you the person who has the IDEA to transform data-aided agricultural practice?

To be a part of our innovative team, please send your CV along with 500 words identifying, what and how you want to contribute in our AgTech innovation. We will go through your applications critically and match up with our team members in order to find the best team.

Let’s innovate agriculture through Agriculture together!
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We are particularly looking for

Marketing/Project Manager

  • Completed marketing / business / communication studies, or
  • Possibility for Bachelor-/Master Thesis
  • Fluent in German and English
  • Full or part time

Machine Learning Developer

  • Completed DSS studies, or
  • Possibility for Bachelor-/Master Thesis
  • Development of Cloud Systems, AgIT and Smart Farming
  • Full or part time

Web Developer

  • Experience in Developing with Frameworks (e.g. Django, CakePHP, Angular, etc.)
  • Development of Progressive Web Apps
  • Possibility for Bachelor-/Master Thesis
  • Full or part time

App Developer

  • Experience with Developing Android Applications
  • Development of Apps for Agriculture, Gardening and Research
  • Possibility for Bachelor-/Master Thesis
  • Full or part time