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Satellite-enabled Agriculture





Satellite and AI-powered Agricultural Nutrient Assistant

ANA empowers farmers by giving them a more detailed insight into their field's nutrient status. We have developed a service using machine learning algorithms combined with satellite imagery to produce a variable nutrient map. Knowing where in the field plants lack in which nutrients, farmers can make profound and sound decisions on what and how much to fertilize. To this end, we propose the determination of a fertilizer prescription.

A precise nutrient quantification, scaled on field-level, enable farmers to take the right decisions when applying fertilizer in variable rates.

We provide it as an API. It's simple, quick and scalable!



For farmers

  • Calculate the optimal amount of fertilizer for healthy soil and plants "as much as necessary, as little as possible"

  • Easy to use and to adapt in daily works

  • Time and cost saving

  • Whole field results with maximum six sample pictures

  • No additional investments required



For consultants

  • Coverage of all open fields

  • Ability to easily manage information from a large number of farmers

  • AI analysis and calibration with satellite image within a few minutes

  • Detailed information with accuracy degree

  • Compatibility with other software-based analysis


For businesses

  • Digital product performance enhanced via ANA data

  • New & radically innovative product to gain first mover advantage

  • Proven use-cases facilitate adoption

  • Easy to integrate into own systems

  • Generate analysis specific to fertilization decision making